Open canopies are formed by trees that have not grown together to shield the sun away from the vegetation below. They allow new plants to develop.

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Family Photo Album

At the conclusion of my Clinical Graphics journey I looked back and wished I had it all penned down. How a startup company, a little person of its own, comes into being. How it stumbles, grows. The highs, the lows. The people that you meet and the interactions. It would have made for an interestingContinue reading “Family Photo Album”

I, entrepreneur

In our 30s we are supposed to have a midlife crisis. I’m turning 39 this Sunday and I’m still anxiously paying attention to upcoming symptoms. But as with many common phrases, society has hollowed this term out to no longer be descriptive at all. It brings up the image of a depressed bald guy drivingContinue reading “I, entrepreneur”

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