Clinical Graphics

Clinical Graphics is my very own start-up.

LUMC, Department of Orthopaedics

The academic hospital of Leiden. This is where I'm doing my PhD project. Well, partially, cause I also work @ Delft University of Technology.


Delft University of Technology. Need i say more?...

Delft Visualisation Group

This is the section of the university where I have done my master thesis work. It's the reason why I started studying Computer Science in the first place: graphics. It's far more interesting than any other part of a computer. Some interesting research is going on, but I can understand if you're not that interested. If you ARE, well, what the heck are you waiting for then?!

Charl Botha

Charl is doing complicated stuff with everything that's considered nerdy (linux-fan, and some things most programmers haven't even heard of). Also, he's from South Africa and has a very impressive list of publications. My graduation project is heavily relying ---scratch that: relied heavily--- on his expertise on the subject of shoulders, vtk, python, etc.. He received his PhD in September 2005.


SelecXYZ is a business established by two valuable friends of mine. Wout & Marina are experts on all-things-holiday considering Italy and together they are offering customised vacations in the country of tasty food and yummie wines. Excellent stuff, please go see!