It is with great pride that I would like to introduce to you... dumdumdumdumdumdum... UNFOLD, Orthopaedic Application Number 1, and my life's work, so far (luckily I'm still young ;)). The bad news: you can't have it. YET, that is. I'm open for any discussion on ideas, comments, collaboration, sell-outs or hostile take-overs.

What started as a Master's thesis project for the Orthopaedics department of the Leiden University Medical Center has now evolved into a large bunch of code-files with extensive visualisation functionality for orthopaedic surgery. The program imports patient-specific CT-data and plans several types of orthopaedic surgery on the given data. From the beginning, Unfold has been received with much enthusiasm by orthopaedics surgeons, as well as visualisation experts in the field.

For an overview of the research in which Unfold is used, I'm referring to the project's work page, which is located here.

Unfold Orthopaedic Planning Environment



Below you will find the really old applications I made like a zillion years ago. Please skip ;).


Deskcheck is a small program to manage two things: your desktop backgrounds and your calender. With only 4 buttons, this is just the simple program you need for that. One button shows you the option screen where you can adapt the program to your liking. One button to shut down the program. One to randomly select a desktop background from a specified directory. And the last button shows you what notes you made for the specified amount of days ahead. Pressing it twice allows you to add a note to that list. I received quite some positive feedback. Several of my friends are using the program, which makes them remember my birthday. You can download it here.



When I had a job as a supporting bookkeeper (and later a form designer) at bvA / Beurtvaartadres, I had to do quite some activities with a lot of repetition. For instance, I had to modify 200 lines of text all in the same way. This is a very good way to get Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). For that reason i developed this program. It lets you enter a list of input actions (like mouseclicks or keypresses) and then you can execute it for a specified amount of times. You can download it here.


SDI Defense

This game was programmed purely for reasons of nostalgia. We used to have a couple of games similar to this on the Apple Macintosh, in the early 90's. Now, with technology being far more advanced, programming these games is quite easy. And so i made this game. There are a few people who seem to have trouble running this game, but i haven't experienced any problems yet. It's from my early days as a programmer, so I'm not expecting it to be bug free. You can download it here.


Movod 2 Remake

MOVOD is an abbrevation of Macintosh operated Vehicles of Destruction and MOVOD 2 was a cool game for the Apple Macintosh during the early 90's. I started working on this remake, but never finished it. It's playable, though, and it's Flash, so you don't have to download anything. Just click here.